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Our display of books about "all things horses" has been incredibly popular this month---they've been galloping off the shelves!  There are still some great books available, though,

We were treated to a visit from Miss Nanette last Tuesday, who taught us about the music of New Orleans, and got us up and dancin' to a Mardi Gras beat! Then we created beautiful Mardi Gras masks, and decorated (and ate!) Mardi Gras cookies!

Come on down to the library on January 21, where we'll be exploring the world of  Snap Circuits Jr.  We'll see if we can construct circuits that will light up, sound off, and power an accessory!

Look at our online calendar for details on our vacation activities!


Once again, we had a wonderful time constructing our graham-cracker gingerbread houses here at the library.  This is such a fun family project that I always leave the room smiling---and we're all in the mood for the holidays now!!

It's that time of year again--time to sample the holiday books at the library.  We have a huge selection, from classics like The Night Before Christmas to the brand new When Santa Was a Baby, and everything in-between. Come on in and check some out!

It's time to vote for your favorite of the Ladybug Picture Book Award Nominees! This year's list includes:

The Amherst Town Library is happy to announce their support of a nationwide initiative, 1000  Books Before Kindergarten.

Dave Erler, from the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center, brought some native NH animals to visit on Thursday afternoon.  A packed room of interested kids and adults listened as Dave described the different ways that animals in New Hampshire prepare for the cold winter months.  We met a Broad-wing

We've had a super spooky fun October here in the Children's Room...from our Halloween book display to our No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating, and the wonderful Halloween Dance Party and Library Parade!!