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Children's Room Blog

We had a great February vacation here at the Amherst Town Library! We had a visiting guinea pig who listened to our young readers, craft-time, French w/ Madame Thenin, a movie matinee, a delicious cookie-decorating party, and time to play with our manipulative building toys...

Make sure to come and check out an adventure in the Children's Room!

We had so much fun with Nanette Perrotte yesterday!  The kids were introduced to the music and moves of Ella Fitzgerald in a wonderfully interactive program.  Nanette and I are already talking about having her back for a Latin Music program---rumba, anyone???

Come on down to the Children's Room to check out our collection of books that are related to all things cold....brrrrrrr! They're perfect for curling up and reading in a warm spot, though! 

Wednesday afternoons just got a lot busier at the library!

We had a wonderful time celebrating the holiday season with our Gingerbread House Workshops.  Families gathered to assemble these simple graham-cracker buildings, and then let out all the creative stops while decorating them!  Everyone contributed a bag or two of candy to our supply, and the resu

It's that time of year again, and here at the Amherst Town Library, we have lots of wonderful holiday stories---both old and new.  Some of my new favorites:

Here Comes Santa Cat  by Deborah Underwood

We love our iPads, and all the cool apps we have loaded on them---but sometimes, it seems like it's a good idea to remind our kids that it's not all about manipulating images on a screen---and to give them an opportunity to manipulate real, 3-dimensional materials!  So, last Friday afternoon, we

Thursday afternoon, October 2, we gathered in the Johnson Room to get ourselves in the Halloween mood---it was our first-ever No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating Workshop!  Kids and parents together got to work, and created some of the cutest, most unique, and creepiest pumpkins ever!

Tuesday afternoon was Fairy House Day at the library!