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This is the first (and probably the last!) time I've ever made a combined Thanksgiving/Hanukkah display! It seems that the last time they fell on the same date was way back in 1888...

It was a crazy-wonderful Tuesday afternoon here at the Amherst Town Library---Steve Blunt came to entertain us with his wonderful songs, Miss Sarah told a special Halloween-y story, and there were amazing costumes everywhere you looked!

Event Date: 
Tuesday, November 12, 2013 - 3:30pm

Make sure to register your child (ages 5 and up) for this fun and informative visit from some of New Hampshire's own wild animals.  On Tuesday, November 12 at 3:30, one of our favorite presenters, Dave, from the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center, will bring a selection of animals from the center

Do you have a beginning reader?

Some of our bravest crafters came to the Children's Room last Wednesday to try their hands at creating Milk-jug Skeletons.  An hour-and-a-half later, we had some terrific Halloween decorations!

Halloween Books

Fall is in the air---and the Halloween Books are out on display! Come and borrow some spooky books to get everyone in the mood for Halloween...

Personal Collections at ATL

Every month, we highlight a child's collection in our display case. It's not easy to part with your favorite things for 30 days, but we have a long waiting list of kids who are willing to try--we get everything from Legos to erasers to stuffed animals.

Owen and Genevieve are busy making "monsters" with Casey...

We had a great time decorating our rocks today—what a creative bunch of kids! Thanks to the teen book club members for helping out—they definitely had fun, too.

You Really Dug in!

Yes, it's true! This summer, Miss Sarah and Miss Sue set a goal of 5500 hours of reading by the participants in the Summer Reading Program. We promised that if the kids managed to get to this goal, we'd eat some Chocolate-covered Ants and Crickets.