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Amherst Lyceum Series

Event Date: 
Tuesday, January 5, 2016 - 7:30pm

The first 'Amherst Lyceum' was opened by a lecture from Dr. Amory Gale on December 29, 1834 in Amherst, NH.  And, we are bringing this 'educational' institution back to Amherst!  Two lectures--to inform, engage, and inspire--will be followed by a facilitated thoughtful discussion.  On January 5th, Chris Brooks, Ethics, Leadership, and Philosophy teacher at SHS, Northeastern University, NHIA, Granite State College, and Merrimack College leads.  On January 19th, Karolyn Kinane, Professor of English at Plymouth State University, leads.  The topics of inquiry were chosen from a handwritten book in the Amherst Town Library's Local History Collection that recorded the many 'questions' discussed b y the Franklin Society (a literary society that met from 1807 to 1818 in Amherst).  We are re-visiting two of these questions 208 years later.  This is a series not to be missed. (Please sign up for each lecture you plan to attend).