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Historical Highlight

One hundred and fifty-six years ago on May 30, 1860 Amherst celebrated the town’s 100-year anniversary. This week, peek into the past, with a look at a small booklet titled Fragrant Memories: or, The Dead of a Hundred Years 1760-1860. A recall of the Dead of the First Century of the Town of Amherst, N.H, read at the Centennial, May 30, 1860. Published by Edward D. Boylston, this booklet commemorates the memories that were shared at Amherst’s Centennial celebration. Inside the booklet you’ll find a brief and fascinating history about the town of Amherst and you may even recognize some of the prominent Amherst figures mentioned throughout. Did you know that Amherst was named after British Officer, Lord Jeffery Amherst?