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This week, peek into the past, with a look at the Catalogue of the Amherst Town Library. At 42 pages long, this catalogue documents the Amherst Town Library’s collection in 1885.

This week, peek into the past, with a look at The Franklin Society. On September 16, 1807, the Franklin Society formed with the mission to improve the literary pursuits of each member.

 In celebration of the recent 255th anniversary of Amherst, peak into the past, with a look at the Amherst New Hampshire Bicentennial Program June 25-26, 1960.

Is Baboosic Lake one of your favorite summer spots? If so, peak into the past, with the Baboosic “Souvenir” Waltz.  This piece was written by Pat Gilmartin and Ernie Forant in 1927 to be played at Baboosic’s Moonbeam Dance Hall.

Are you looking for something fun to do in Amherst this summer? Look no further than the Amherst brochure! At fourteen pages long this brochure contains information on historical highlights, prominent individuals, and recreation spots in Amherst.


In celebration of the Fourth of July, peak into the past, with a look at a selection of speeches read on the Fourth of July in 1806, 1808, 1809, and 1820. These speeches were delivered in Mont Vernon, Concord, Wilton, Francestown, Temple, New Ipswich, and Peterborough, New Hampshire.

As you dive into new books this summer, peak into the past, with a look at The Amherst Town Library’s New Book List from the summer of 1913.

Today is the 125 year anniversary of the dedication of the Soldiers’ Monument. The dedication took three months to plan and finally on June 19, 1890 Amherst citizens were able to honor their brave veterans.

History is coming alive at the Amherst Town Library this June. Twelve pieces of Library and Town history from the Library’s Local History Collection are on display near the circulation desk.