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General Research

The Reference Librarian, Ruslyn Vear, provides free information assistance to all Amherst residents and patrons of the Amherst Town Library. She responds to questions received in person at the Information and Research desk, via email, telephone or fax. She is committed to providing excellent customer service to all research requests in an attentive, prompt, accurate, and professional manner.

She can help you find answers to all kinds of questions ranging from single facts to in-depth queries. She is trained to answer your questions and guide you through a variety of available resources to help you choose the right one.

Ruslyn also creates, coordinates, and manages all the Library sponsored programs for adults.  For more information about ongoing programs or comments regarding adult programming at the Library, please contact her.

Ruslyn Vear, Head of Reference and Adult Programming
Ruslyn holds a Master of Library Science from Simmons College in Boston, MA. She has worked at the Amherst Town Library since 1994.