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Patron Behavior

The Amherst Town Library supports the rights of all individuals to:

  • Use the library without discrimination
  • Receive friendly, respectful and professional service
  • Have free and equal access to information
  • Have a clean, comfortable and pleasant environment
  • Use the library undisturbed without threat of harm, invasion of property or interference.
  • Express their opinions and concerns regarding library materials and services to appropriate library staff.

In order for the library to be used and enjoyed by all patrons the following guidelines should be observed:

  • This policy pertains to behavior in the library building and on library grounds.
  • Many patrons use the library as a place for quiet study. Patrons should respect the rights of others and not engage in loud conversations or noisy activities. Inconsiderate use of cell phones will not be tolerated.
  • To ensure the safety of our young patrons, parents are responsible for the behavior and supervision of their children. (Please see “Unattended Children Policy”)
  • To ensure a clean, comfortable and pleasant environment, proper use and care of the building and all materials is essential. Patrons may not deface or improperly remove library materials, equipment or furnishings, or prevent timely access to library resources through theft or deliberate misuse of materials.
  • No one may interfere with another person’s right to use the library free of disruption or with the library staff’s performance of their duties. Examples of disruptive behavior include: use of obscene language, running, throwing objects, resting feet on furnishings or equipment, or any activity resulting in loud noise. The Library Staff are empowered to identify disruptive behavior. Refusal to comply with the reasonable request of staff members will be considered disruptive behavior.
  • Poor personal hygiene that interferes with others’ ability to use the Library may be cause for eviction.
  • Threatening the safety or rights of another person, violent or disorderly behavior, threats of violence or use of abusive language, possession of weapons, blocking entrances or interfering with people entering/ exiting the building are not acceptable.
  • Use of alcohol and tobacco and vape/ e-cigarettes is not permitted anywhere in the library building or on library grounds.
  • Solicitation and distribution of non-library materials, canvassing and campaigning are not permitted without the permission of the Library Director or designee.

Any patron violating the above guidelines may be denied access to the library by the Library Director or designee. The library staff reserves the right to contact the Amherst Police Department for assistance related to the dismissal of a patron.

Patrons whose privileges have been denied may request a review by the Library Board of Trustees.