Library Materials

Can I return items that belong to other libraries?

Yes, you may return materials from other libraries in the GMILCS consortium, and Interlibrary Loan items, to the library.


Can I use my Amherst Town Library card at other libraries or a library card from another library to check out items at the Amherst Town Library?

Yes, you may check out materials from other libraries in the GMILCS consortium. A valid library card, or photo ID of a cardholder, from one of the libraries listed below will be honored at any of the libraries. 

  • Amherst Town Library
  • Bedford Public Library
  • Danforth Library (New England College)
  • Derry Public Library
  • Goffstown Public Library
  • Hooksett Public Library
  • Kelley Library (Salem)
  • Manchester City Library
  • Manchester West Branch Library
  • Merrimack Public Library
  • Nesmith Library (Windham)
  • Rodgers Memorial Library (Hudson)
  • Wadleigh Memorial Library (Milford)


Can I get a book that you don’t own/ How can I suggest titles to be added to the library collection?

Yes, you can request materials directly from other New Hampshire libraries participating in the NHAIS Interlibrary Loan System. 

To place a request online:

  1. Visit
  2. Login (Select Amherst Town Library from the drop down menu, enter your library card number and password, and click Submit).
  3. When the title you want is displayed in your search results, click Request.
  4. Verify your contact information and click Submit.
  5. Your request will be submitted to a lending library and we will notify you when it arrives. You can track the progress of the loan in Your Account.

To learn more about how to place a request, please watch this video tutorial, Patron Initiated ILL Requests, or visit the library to have a staff member assist you.
For items not found in the NHAIS Interlibrary Loan System, please contact us for assistance.


I don’t want my item right away (i.e. going on vacation). Is there a way to get it later?

Holds can be suspended and reactivated in Your Account

  1. To Suspend Your Hold Request until a later date navigate to Your Account
  2. Select Hold Requests from Your Account menu   
  3. Located the item you wish to suspend
  4. Click Suspend Hold and select the date you want the hold reactivated. (i.e. when you are back from your vacation). To reactivate an already suspended hold enter today’s date.


How do I find my reserved item on the hold shelf?

Held items ready for pickup can be found on the hold shelf next to the circulation desk. Items are organized on the shelf alphabetically by patron last name and then library barcode. To locate your items using the printed hold slips in the item, look for the first initial of your last name, and the last 5 digits of your library barcode.


Manage Your Library Reading History

My Account > Reading History and select “Start Recording My Reading History”

  1. Log In to My Account
  2. Navigate to Reading History either directly in the drop down under their name or via the hamburger menu under My Account.
  3. Select “Start Recording My Reading History”
    • Titles will begin recording from current checkouts moving forward
    • Titles are only visible to you when you log into your account (staff cannot view the list
  4. Once Reading History starts being record users can choose to:
    • Export their reading history to a csv file to easily convert to other formats, save or print
    • Delete individual items in their reading history or delete all of their reading history
    • Stop recording reading history any time by going to My Account > Reading History and select “Stop Recording My Reading History”.