Parents & Teachers

Can my child get a library card?

Yes, we do not have an age requirement for our library cards. We encourage families to make this decision. Parents/guardians may find it easier to maintain one library card for their whole family until their child is able to take on the responsibility of managing their own library card. 
Library cardholders (or the parent or guardian of a cardholder under age 18) are financially responsible for all items checked out to their account. 


Do I have to register in advance to attend storytime?

No, we do not require registration for our storytimes. There may be some special programs or events that require registration. Please visit the library calendar here for details on specific events.


Can my nanny or other caretaker use my library card account?

A library card is required in order to check out materials at the library. If you would like your nanny or caretaker to be able to use your library card they must present that card to check out materials. Cardholders may use their library card or photo ID to check out materials.


What resources are available for homeschoolers?

It is part of our mission to support our homeschool families by being a go-to place for in-house materials, technology, programs, and friendly book conversations. By integrating the library, home, and school, we help children develop a sense of independence and creativity.
Please reach out to us at if you have any ideas for programming, need curriculum assistance, or have any overall feedback.